Seasoning and Sauce Recipes

A delicious sauce can make or break a dish. Not only will you find easy and delicious sauce recipes such as Easy Hollandaise Sauce In The Blender, Homemade Rémoulade Sauce, or Red Eye Gravy, you’ll find a few homemade spice ideas to brighten up your dishes, including Barbecue Dry Rub.

mason jar of remoulade sauce sprinkled with green onions and fried catfish in the background

Homemade Rémoulade Sauce

Next time you’re serving a fried catfish or shrimp, whip up this easy remoulade sauce recipe. Creamy with a kick, it’s a signature condiment of the South. I felt it would be a sin to post a recipe for fried catfish and not include a recipe for one of the […]

small jelly jar of pepper jelly with crackers, fresh pepper slices and jelly jars in the background

Pepper Jelly

Homemade pepper jelly, a mixture of sweetness and heat, is easy to make and perfect served as an appetizer for entertaining or as a glaze for roasted meats. This post may contain affiliate links. Click here to learn more about how affiliate links are used on this site. If you’ve […]

Homemade Peach Preserves

Nothing is more satisfying than homemade peach preserves made from fresh summer peaches. Give this easy, small batch recipe a try and enjoy preserves long after peach season is over. I know summer has reached its peak when peaches start showing up at the farmer’s market. I can usually smell […]

homemade strawberry jam

How to Make Homemade Strawberry Jam

After making your first batch of homemade strawberry jam, you’ll never buy store bought again. It’s surprisingly easy and the flavor simply doesn’t compare. I’ve heard stories from both my own grandmother and The Husband’s grandmother about preserving food in jars – or “putting up” homegrown fruits and vegetables from […]

How to Make Cream Cheese Icing

Learn how to make cream cheese icing at home. Only four ingredients needed for the smoothest cream cheese icing you’ve ever tasted. Nothing beats the taste of homemade cream cheese icing. Purchasing a tub of name brand icing from the grocery store may only be slightly more convenient. But when […]