May 2022

strawberry pretzel salad shrimp nachos Strawberry champagne cocktail
mint julep Simple Syrup  

April 2022

lemon ice box pie shrimp creole bourbon sazerac
oyster Po' Boy shrimp and grits scalloped potatoes with bacon
asparagus casserole Country Fried Steak hot curried fruit
Southern Deviled Eggs Molasses Glazed Salmon  

March 2022

Ramos Gin Fizz beer can chicken fried onion rings in a basket
overhead shot of baked cracklin cornbread in a cast iron skillet slice corned beef brisket and vegetables on a white platter crawfish cornbread cut into rounds on a brown paper lined baking sheet, a small pitcher of gravy and a plate of cornbread covered in gravy and crawfish tails to the side