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Baking Recipes

Do you love baking? Let my collection of baking recipes inspire you! Bacon and Butterscotch Cookies will tantalize your taste buds. Whip up a batch of Southern Skillet Cornbread for dinner. Or enjoy every juicy bite of Cheddar Bacon and Blueberry Scones.

cast iron skillet recipes

55 Easy and Delicious Cast Iron Skillet Recipes

Looking to put your cast iron skillet to good use? You’ll love these easy and delicious cast iron skillet recipes. Cast iron skillets are one of the most versatile tools to have in a kitchen. They can be used for everything from searing to baking. Looking to put your cast iron […]

best zucchini recipes

31 of the Best Zucchini Recipes

Add more heart healthy zucchini to your diet this summer with 31 of best zucchini recipes. If ever there was a time to add more fresh veggies into your diet, it’s summertime! Zucchini, also known as courgette, is a member of the squash family. It has a mild flavor and texture […]

Easy pumpkin spice cupcakes have a sweet Nutella center. Easy tutorial for creating a spooky spider web design for Halloween!

Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes with Nutella Filling

Easy pumpkin spice cupcakes have a sweet Nutella center. I used to make a lot more food from scratch. I also use to have a lot more time on my hands. Like these pumpkin spice cupcakes, for example. I first made these pumpkin spice cupcakes in 2011 for an office Halloween […]

Pumpkin Loaf with Golden Raisins and Hazlenuts

Pumpkin Loaf with Golden Raisins and Hazelnuts

This easy, moist pumpkin loaf recipe is laden with cinnamon and spices. Golden raisins give it a sweet, chewy texture while hazelnuts add crunch. Apparently yesterday was the first day of Fall. Almost one week until the month of October, yet if I walk outside I swear it’s still August. […]

Trail Mix Cookies - CookingBride.com

Trail Mix Cookies

These trail mix cookies are chewy, crunchy, and have a hint of cinnamon while peanut butter candies satisfy those sweet tooth cravings. Does it make me a bad mom that I waited until the kids were at their grandparents for the weekend before I made these cookies? It’s not that I […]