1. This recipe is just divine! The seasoning in the egg makes it perfect. I made the comeback sauce with sour cream instead of mayo simply because I don’t care much for mayo. Wow what a treat! Thanks so much for sharing this recipe~

    • DeAnna, thank you for coming back and letting me know how it turned out! I’m so glad you enjoyed it. You’ve piqued my curiosity now. I’m gonna have to try the comeback sauce with sour cream just to see how it tastes.

  2. If I understand correctly, the sausage should be uncooked until you bread and fry it? Just doesn’t seem like it would cook that way so I wanted to confirm.

  3. Came here for an easy recip. for boudin ball sauce using ingredients that I had on hand. This one worked pretty well. I added extra spices to it for a bit of a kick and it was perfect. Thanks so much!

  4. I lived in Baton Rouge for years and enjoyed the boudin balls although i never made them myself. Im looking for one that has rice and i thought this one did, but i did not find it. Could you tell me how i might incorporate rice fir mine please? Thanks.


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