oven baked chicken wings

Honey Balsamic Chicken Wings

Last updated on May 15th, 2023 These yummy, finger-licking oven baked chicken wings get their sticky sweet flavor from a mix of honey, balsamic vinegar, and soy sauce. Chicken wings always seems to be a popular go-to item for football games. The Carnivore Husband LOVES chicken wings. The hotter the better. I could take […]

turkey tetrazinni recipe

Turkey Tetrazzini

Last updated on May 15th, 2023 Easy turkey tetrazzini recipe is a great way to use up Thanksgiving leftovers. It has a rich and creamy sauce and topped with a buttery breadcrumb topping. My refrigerator is CRAMMED with Thanksgiving leftovers! Which I guess is a good thing until I have […]

Chicken Thighs with Tarragon and White Wine

Last updated on May 15th, 2023 My husband has been on a SERIOUS barbecue chicken kick lately.  I swear, I think the last eight times I’ve made chicken he wanted it barbecued. so that’s what we had.  Until last Sunday, when I said, ” Honey, PUH-LEASE!  I’m sick of barbecued […]

green chicken enchiladas

Green Chicken Enchiladas with Roasted Salsa Verde

Last updated on May 17th, 2023 Yummy green chicken enchiladas are an easy weeknight favorite and freezer friendly. Make your own homemade salsa verde – it’s easy! For a few years I have been fascinated by tomatillos.  I remember seeing them for the first time in the produce section of […]