Five Thanksgiving Desserts . . .and Link Love!

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Thanksgiving is officially a week away.  Holy cow!  It was just Halloween!

We’ve covered side dishes, so now I want to move on to desserts.  Because that’s what everyone really looks forward too, am I right?  You may be stuffed to the gills and ready to bust a pant seam, but the minute someone mentions dessert you’re all, “Yes, please!” and “Maybe just a small piece.”

Below are a few dessert ideas from the archives.  Some are traditional and some are not-so traditional.  And of course, one of these compilations wouldn’t be complete without a little link love from other talented bloggers!

Let’s get down to it:

Pumpkin-Pecan Cake with Brown Sugar and Bourbon Glaze – if you aren’t a fan of traditional pumpkin pie, this is a fantastic alternative.  It’s a yummy pumpkin-spice cake with a rich and beautiful pearly glaze.  It’s sure to be an impressive addition to you Thanksgiving dinner.


Sweet Potato Pie with Praline Topping some people often prefer sweet potato pie over pumpkin pie.  Sweet potatoes lend a creamier, sweeter texture than pumpkin.  The praline topping gives it a candy-like crunch.

sweet potato pie 017 WM


Chocolate Butter Pecan Pie – I like to describe this pie as what would happen if a pecan pie and a chocolate pie got married and had a baby.  Since both pies have good genes, there is no way this pie could turn out wrong.  It’s not overly sweet and you don’t have to worry about the consistency of this pie turning out runny like you sometimes do with a traditional pecan pie.


Sweet Potato Tart with Marshmallow Creme Meringue – if you don’t want a traditional pie, go for a tart.  Tarts are thinner, lighter, and this one has a yummy, buttery, ginger snap crust and fluffy marshmallow creme meringue.


Brandy Alexander Pie – why not go for something completely non-traditional?  This frozen pie is a great way to end a meal, but make sure you have something else available for the kiddos.  This pie is laced with both brandy and Kahlúa and definitely not suitable for underage guests.


And now for a little link love!

Pumpkin Crunch Cake by Fake Ginger.  This is pumpkin pie in cake form, requires just a few ingredients, and looks like it could not be easier to make.  And when it comes to Thanksgiving dinner, who couldn’t use easy?

Pecan Torte with Maple Whipped Cream by Chow Bella.  Just like the above recipe is pumpkin pie in cake form, this is pecan pie in cake form.  And the maple whipped cream?  Who doesn’t swoon over flavored whipped cream?

Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie by A Chica Bakes.  This is similar to my Chocolate Butter Pecan Pie listed above, but with the addition of one of my fave ingredients – bourbon!!

Oreo Turkeys and Turkey Pilgim Hats by Our Best Bites.  Who says you have to serve a pie for dessert?  These cute little oreo turkeys and pilgrim hats are stinkin’ adorable, and since they are a small bite, you won’t have to worry about overindulging on dessert.  Unless of course, you eat 20, which often happens with Oreos.

Traditional Pumpkin Pie by One Tough Cookie.  I agree.  I would be sacrilegious to write a post about Thanksgiving desserts and not include a pumpkin pie.  If you are looking for a basic recipe, this one is perfect.

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  1. Wow! These desserts all looks so wonderful. If I had these desserts to choose from on Thanksgiving day I may just skip the turkey and the mashed potatoes and wait for the desserts.

  2. I would like to add Pumpkin-Pecan Cake with Brown Sugar and Bourbon Glaze in my thanksgiving table because I would like my guests to enjoy this non-traditional recipe of pumpkin cake. With me glaze or no glaze I’m pretty sure I will enjoy it. The many procedure that comes with it…I wouldn’t mind, if it’s for thanksgiving…so thanks for sharing. Is there any other wine for this recipe other than bourbon?

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