Five Christmas Gift Ideas for a Foodie

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I hope everyone had an enjoyable, relaxing, and gluttonous Thanksgiving full of turkey, football games, and tryptophan-induced comas naps.

And now today officially kicks off the Christmas season.  I have made my list and checked it twice.  Some of you crazy thrifty folks may have stayed up all night to make it to the Black Friday sales.  My hats off to you.  I was not one of them.  I’m more of a cyber Monday type of girl.  If you are shopping for a foodie and looking for some gift ideas, you are in luck.  Back for the second year in a row, The Cooking Bride Christmas Wish List.


Cuisinart SmartStick 200-Watt Immersion Hand Blender ($28-$35)  
I love my regular blender, I really do.  But every time I have to transfer a batch of hot soup to my blender to process, I wish I had an immersion blender.  I like Cuisinart because they make quality products that people like me can afford.  Even better?  These come in just about every color under the rainbow!  I honestly can’t decide which color I would choose . . .


Thermapen Splash-Proof Super-Fast Instant Read Thermometer($89-$96)
Yes, this is making the list for the second year in a row.  Because one year later, I still want one and don’t own one.  In the ten or so years that I have been cooking, I truly believe that when it comes to meat thermometers, you get what you pay for.  I have owned some crappy cheap ones and some not so crappy cheap ones.  None quite as expensive as a Thermapen, but I have yet to come across a meat thermometer that I was completely happy with.  Thermapen is a commercial-grade thermometer for home use and claims to be the last meat thermometer you will ever need.  It also comes in a menagerie of pretty colors, so that also makes me happy!



America’s Test Kitchen DIY Cookbook ($15 – $25)
If you followed the blog this summer, you know I have really become interested learning how to make a lot of my kitchen staples myself.  This book gives detailed instructions and step-by-step photos for making everything from homemade Nutella, the ketchup, to making your own prosciutto.  And it’s published from American’s Test Kitchen, who are also the fine folks behind Cook’s Illustrated.  They put an an obsessive amount of time into testing their recipes, so I feel confident that this cookbook is the ultimate go-to guide for DIY.


The Photojojo Phone Lens Series ($49)
I know, this is not technically a kitchen item.  But if you are like the millions of others who enjoy documenting your life via Twitter and Instagram, this little lens kit for your iPhone is seriously cool.  It comes with an adhesive metal ring that sticks to the back of your phone and the lenses pop on an off magnetically.  The full kit of three comes with an ultra wide-angle fish-eye lense, a wide angle/macro lens that catches up close little details, and a telephoto lens for zoom.  Supposedly, it work with or without a phone case.  I love taking pictures, but I don’t always like lugging around my camera.  The minute I leave my camera at home, I miss a great photo opp.  You had better believe this is on my Christmas list.


Jessie Steele Vintage Inspired Designer Aprons ($30-$40)
Things can get pretty messy in my kitchen, especially when it’s me cooking.  I have more than my share of greased-splattered t-shirts that could have been salvaged had I just took two seconds to put on an apron.  One thing I’ve noticed about myself, I am more likely to don an apron when it’s cute.  Maybe it’s the inner Donna Reed in me dying to come out, but I have a serious thing for aprons in bright colors accessorized with ruffles and bows.  Think of Jessie Steele as Donna Reed’s vampy cousin.  Her aprons are not only functional, but they definitely have some 1950’s sex appeal thrown in.


Here’s the good news: The nice people at Jessie Steele are going to let me give away an apron to one lucky reader!  Keep the apron for yourself to wear while you play hostesses at your fabulous Christmas party, or give it away as a gift to the favorite foodie in your life.  Check back on Monday for a product review and complete giveaway details.

Disclaimer time: With the exception of Jessie Steele, I was not approached the makers of any of these products to promote them.  However, my opinion of all the products listed above are my own.  The Cuisinart Immersion Blender, Thermapen Instant Read Thermometer, and American’s Test Kitchen DIY Cookbook are all available for purchase through my Amazon Associates Store.  If you click the these item links above and purchase them via Amazon, I do make a small commission.

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